Welcome Back _review

Street sign that says Welcome to Disasterville
Carrie, a Black woman in her 30s wears a facemask, has a white cane and a miniature horse that serves as her service animal

Carrie: Nice to see you back again, Terrye. Remember that during your first Disasterville visit we said that we’d talk about topics you already knew? Well, today’s the day!

Disability organizations like yours obviously know a lot about disability demographics, person first and identity first language, community living and more. You’re experts with lived and professional knowledge and experience. We know you know this stuff.

We’re talking about these topics today because some emergency and public health preparedness planners may not know this stuff or they may have misconceptions. To engage, you need to know where the planners may be coming from.

So please bear with us.

To get started, let’s head over to Wild Wind Way, the street in front of Disasterville’s well-known grocery store, Eatwell’s. We’ll meet up with PJ and EM.

We’ll be mentioning some useful resources today. Don’t worry about taking notes or trying to locate the resources. After your last Disasterville visit we’ll give you a Resource List with references and useful tools.