Reflect _review

Carrie, a Black woman in her 30s wears a facemask, has a white cane and a miniature horse that serves as her service animal

Carrie: The next R in Prepared4ALL stands for Reflect.

Prepared4ALL pinwheel with 8 different slices, each with a different letter of the word "prepared". The slice reading "R - reflect" is colored yellow while all the other slices are grayed out. Shown in a text box to the right of the wheel read "4all - meaning all local partners share the issue and same time access to everyone (STATE)"

? Before the next meeting with the planners, the Team reflects on their work so far. As a group, they think about questions like:

What did we expect?

What helped and what didn’t?

What assumptions did we make? Were the assumptions accurate?

What other experiences can help us understand this one?

What did we learn?

What ideas make our understanding better?

What did we learn for the future? How can we continue our success?

Thinking ahead to an After Action Report (AAR), what should we put in the report?

A designated person takes notes so that in the future it will be easier to think of solutions. No one wants to recreate the wheel.

?Reflect on your time in Disasterville today. What did you expect? What did you learn? What new ideas do you have?

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