Welcome Back _review

A street sign reading "Welcome to Disasterville"
Carrie, a Black woman in her 30s wears a facemask, has a white cane and a miniature horse that serves as her service animal

Carrie: Nice to see you again, Terrye. Remember we said that we’d talk about things you already know? We’ll do that again today. We’re spending time on this so you can help others understand what you already know.

You know about the bad things that happen to people with disabilities, chronic and mental health conditions because of disasters and pandemics. You live this stuff every day.

We’ll talk about it because some emergency and public health preparedness planners don’t have this information. They may just not know about the lived experiences of people with disabilities. If planners want to learn more about disabilities, there’s many available information resources.

Here are two examples: Tips for First Responders and Disabilities-Definitions, Tips, Etc.  Local disability organizations may have their own helpful fact sheets and other resources to share.

Planners may not know about the bad disaster impacts. To better engage, you need to know where planners may be coming from.

So please hang in there. Let’s head over to Wild Wind Way, the street in front of Disasterville’s well-known grocery store, Eatwell’s. We’ll meet up with PJ and EM.

Oh, by the way, don’t worry about taking notes or trying to locate resources we talk about today. After your last Disasterville visit, we’ll give you a Resource List.