Envision _review

PJ, in their 30s wears a facemask and uses a walking cane

PJ: The next E in Prepared4ALL is for Envision.

The Action Team and planners meet to share information and solutions to try. They think about what a successful COVID-19 vaccine emergency dispensing site (EDS) process would look like. Then they create a flexible plan for moving forward, based on new ideas and making changes if needed as they go along.

Prepared4ALL pinwheel with 8 different slices, each with a different letter of the word "prepared". The slice reading "E - envision" is colored teal while all the other slices are grayed out. Shown in a text box to the right of the wheel read "4all - meaning all local partners share the issue and same time access to everyone (STATE)"

A successful EDS process might look like this:

Collaboration between community partners to ensure full accessibility and inclusion at the EDS including plain language messaging, accessible physical spaces, and disability community involvement. This process will ensure that everyone in our community who wants to will easily and comfortably access the EDS and receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

? Think about a vision for a successful EDS in your community. Ask yourself: If an EDS is successful for people with disabilities, what will it look like?

Then the Team and planners discuss specifics on how to create a good vaccine EDS message that makes sense and is available to everyone.

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