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Courses designed for those working with people with disabilities. All courses promote best practices for pre-employment and employment services. Target audiences include employment specialists, counselors, and school staff.

Course List

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This one hour training is an overview of how earned income may affect eligibility for an entitlement to Social Security disability benefits and supplemental security income.
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This course provides an overview of the current status of employment outcomes for youths with intellectual and developmental disabilities in KY, the key steps in the transition process itself, the legal requirements and the roles of each agency, types of employment available (competitive, supported, and customized), and the development of measurable post-secondary goals for transition-age youth.
Important Predictors for Post-School Success (Revised in 2021) describes five of the strongest, evidence-based correlates of post-school competitive employment for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The second part of the module discusses three additional variables related to successful transitions for students with significant disabilities and highlights the resources available to educators and other professionals in Kentucky in putting these predictor variables into practice.
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This course reviews preparation for a student as they prepare to transition from high school into employment. In addition, how support organizations fit into the broader picture of transition, and how Kentucky has used opportunities like the Workforce Innovations Opportunities Act (WIOA) to broaden our supports to youth with disabilities.
This course shows the parents of children with significant disabilities how to start preparing for meaningful employment throughout the school years. We outline what competitive employment means, how to create a vision statement for the future, how to explore and develop works skills and talents, how to address concerns, and what resources you can use to help your child achieve his or her dreams.
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This two-hour course is designed to enhance professionals’ (teachers, VR counselors, employment specialists) skills in building partnerships with families around a vision of competitive, integrated employment for their student.  The course describes a model for creating that partnership; addresses key concerns and frustrations that families may experience around employment for their student, including the potential impact of working upon SSI benefits; describes strategies for families to help their student build employment skills; and enables professionals to apply family engagement strategies to their own work. State and national resources are also shared in this course.
Describes the job development process, centered on the student; but also partnering with parents and employers. This course uses proven tools to help students with disabilities find good job matches. 2 hours, EILA and CRC approved
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There are four lessons designed to engage job seekers or employees with disabilities, family members and professionals in understanding the truth about working and what Social Security says the impact will be on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Early Childhood Education providers will not receive credit for this course.
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Since 2016, Innovative Supports (ISAW) for Autistic Workers has offered training on autism to employers across Kentucky and beyond. Autism Informed Employers allows anyone to access ISAW training at their convenience. Learn to effectively interview, supervise, and retain autistic employees. We will show you ways to bridge communication gaps; understand sensory needs to create a more accessible workplace; provide simple and inexpensive accommodations; and identify highly qualified candidates you might have overlooked in the past. Your business will benefit through lower turnover, increased productivity, and the addition of unique perspectives and talents to help your team excel.

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This course gives an overview of various technologies for working remotely. We will review available programs, and what we can do to ensure the technology is accessible to all.
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This training for employers provides information and resources to identify and support employees with substance use disorders (SUD).  Participants will learn ways to create an environment that minimizes the impact of SUD on the workplace, while reducing stigma and barriers to successful treatment for employees.
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  The Supported Employment Core Training Series is required for all who provide direct service of supported employment in Kentucky. It is open to anyone interested in learning more about supported employment. This Series consists of 2 Sessions: Session 1: Overview of Supported Employment Services in Kentucky; online course and three (3) days held live via Zoom. Session 2: Impact of Wages on Benefits; online course and a half day held live via Zoom. You will select dates to attend the live via Zoom days and attendance is required for the full day.