EMP 103: Endless Possibility – Preparing High School Students with Disabilities for Successful Transition to Employment

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Guiding Questions: Answering the Questions for Success

  1. How do you prepare students for employment?
  2. What are the critical skills students need for successful transition into the workforce?
  3. What is the role OVR plays and how does the Workforce Innovation & Opportunities Act (WIOA) affect transition?
  4. What is the Community Work Transition Project and what is its role in successful transition?
  5. What needs to be done once the students are ready to start looking for a job?
  6. Is post-secondary education a possibility?
  7. What resources/employment programs are out there for people with disabilities? Whom do they serve? What services do they provide? Where do you find them?

Course developed by KentuckyWorks, funded by the US Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Administration for Community Living.

A woman stands beside a dryer in a beauty salon, folding laundry.

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Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Kentucky Employment Files, Kristi – J. Barrett’s Hair School Nicholasville, KY

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