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The HDI Learning Center is here to meet learners’ needs. With topics from early childhood and employment, to healthcare and communication, we provide high quality, accessible content for professionals across a variety of disciplines. We have over 250 courses available and many are free. The HDI Learning Center knows your time is valuable, and we are here to help you have a good online learning experience.

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Early Care, Education, & Intervention

Focus on those providing care to children ages 0-12. Note: Early Care and Education hours are only available through the courses in this category.

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Adult Learning

Training courses to meet the requirements for early care and education trainers.

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K-12 Educators

Information for K-12 educators on providing inclusive classrooms for all students, including those with disabilities.

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School Ready Libraries

Providing information to children’s librarians on child development and school readiness.

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Specifically, the employment of people with disabilities.

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Pre-Service Health Training

Interactive courses for medical students on providing care to people with disabilities.

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Emergency Planning

Inclusive emergency planning is vital to the health and safety of people with disabilities.

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ageWELL Community Institute

Professional development for those who work with seniors.

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DD Council Training

Courses supporting Developmental Disability Councils across the nation.

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Courses specific to providers working with students using Augmentative and Alternative Communication.