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Trainer Connections Online Community is designed to be a living hub of information and collegial networking to support trainers in their ongoing journey to provide high quality training to ECE professionals.  Here you will find content, discussion boards and resources from Trainer Connections events held all across the state on various topics relevant to early childhood education and adult learning.  We hope that trainers will visit frequently and contribute often to make this a vibrant community of learners who support each other in a variety of ways.
FET 345 Course Image
In this online course, trainers will learn the importance of polling and assessment and will get a brief introduction to several types of polling and assessment tools that can be used in training sessions.
ET 360 Course Image contains two women sitting on a couch speaking to each other.
Target Audience: Early Care and Education Trainers. Number of Hours: 2 Hours- How to Train Adults. This session is for trainers who are not sure where to get started and need guidance for developing online training content. We will walk through a problem-based solution for developing content that incorporates the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes staff need to change practice. During this online training session, you will have the opportunity to follow a trainer through all steps of planning a training session. 
The course catalog image for FET 340 is the back of a woman at a training, featuring the handout she is holding.
In this course, trainers will explore best practice strategies and technologies for creating real handouts. Handouts that 1) complement your session and 2) create a powerful reference for session participants. Successful completion of this course will be the submission of an effective, powerful handout. Number of clock hours: 2 Cost: $20
The FET 090 course catalog image is a photo of a computer with the HDI online learning center
This course is a prerequisite for applying for a Kentucky Trainers Credential Levels 1-5 and specialty.
The course catalog image for FET 350 features a person holding a smart phone. On the screen are the accessibility features for ios.
This 2.5 hour course serves as an introduction to the concepts of Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for professional development. In addition to introducing foundational concepts, this session offers participants examples of how to incorporate UDL into their practices, as well as “take-away” strategies and additional resources for further exploration.
Course catalog image for Putting FET to Work features a training room with multiple people speaking to each other.
Putting FET to Work is an 7-hour online learning experience that helps you design a training plan on a topic of your choosing. Upon completion, you will have a new, custom training session that you can begin training on immediately.
The course catalog image for FET 210 features a man holding a laptop sitting under a tree.
In this one hour online course, learners will use low-tech and free options to create and share pictures with audio to enhance professional development. Participants will apply what they learn to create their own photo with audio.
The course catalog image for FET 220 features a woman at the front of an audience, speaking. Her arms are extended, as though she's making a point.
PowerPoint is the most frequently used training aid, but often the most under-used. Understand the advanced features you've dared not tried but wish you knew how to use! Practice using these for creating not only effective but Powerful presentations.
The course catalog image for FET 211 features a video image superimposed with a play button.
In this session, learners will gain a better understanding of what low-tech and free or low cost options are available to enhance professional development and increase retention.
The course catalog image for FET 225 features a screenshot of the master slide of a PowerPoint presentation
In this three-hour course, learners will examine 4 tools you can use to develop and deliver online presentations. Learners will then be required to develop a presentation using each tool, as well as a final application activity.
The course catalog image for FET 260 features four people standing in a circle. All have smiles on their faces.
Laugh to Learn is a module for ECE Credentialed Trainers only based on Training Aids from Beyond Fundamentals of Effective Training. It uses guided, online instruction and independent practice toward skill application. Upon completion of the Learning Log and development of a humorous training activity, certified trainers earn 3 clock hours of “how to train other adults.”