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Developmental Disability Council Training

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This course provides information for DD Council members and staff who advocate for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Topics include the DD Councils' role as an advocate, advocacy activities, strategies to educate policymakers, citizen participation, and advocating a position. This course includes a final quiz with a certificate upon completion.
This course provides Council members, staff, and other participants with basic information about the financial requirements for the DD Council. Topics include funding sources, the Formula Grant, Notice of Award (NOA), the Office of Grants Management (OGM), funding statutes, regulations, and federal financial reports. Includes a certificate of completion.
The information in this course provides an overview of the federal match requirements for DD Councils. Topics include general guidelines, calculating federal match amounts, documentation, and reporting requirements (SF-425).
The information in this course is for members, staff, and others supporting a Council on Developmental Disabilities with financial responsibilities. Topics in this course include cost principles, allowability of costs, compliance regulations, Council budget requirements, and expense allocations. This course provides a certificate upon successful completion of all course activities.
This course introduces the basics of systems change for DD Council staff and members. The course provides a brief overview with examples and case studies and includes a final quiz with a certificate of completion.