EMP 107: The Truth About Working and Social Security Disability Benefits

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This three-hour course is designed to dispel common myths about working and “the check,” e.g., if I work I lose my check,  I can’t save money or I will lose my benefits, etc.  There are four lessons designed to engage job seekers or employees with disabilities, family members, and professionals in understanding the truth about working and what Social Security says the impact will be on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  In addition,  information about STABLE Kentucky, which is Kentucky’s ABLE program is presented which provides an eligible person with a disability the opportunity to save at least $15,000/year, and more if working, without jeopardizing eligibility for means-tested benefits, including SSI, Medicaid, SNAP benefits and HUD-subsidized housing.   

Early Childhood Education providers will not receive credit for this course.