ECE 147: The Administration of the Carolina Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs (CCITSN) (4 hours)

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Target Audience

Teachers and providers working in early care, education and intervention.

About this Course

In this course, you will encounter the following types of activities

  • ? Think Spot: An ungraded opportunity to reflect on the topic discussed and likely is tied to the course handout. It is recommended that you download or print the handout to have on hand while you complete this course.
  • ? Check Your Knowledge: A graded quiz to check your understanding of the topic(s) covered. Check Your Knowledge quizzes are complete when 80% of the questions are answered correctly. You may take the Check Your Knowledge quizzes multiple times until 80% is achieved.
  • ? Embedded Videos: Throughout the course there are videos from various YouTube channels. Many of these videos must be viewed in its entirety before moving on to the next topic. If you encounter a problem with a video please email and include the name of the video or topic you are having trouble with.

? Training Outcomes

During completion of this course, you will practice:

  • Accurately assessing a child’s present developmental status using the CCITSN (Carolina Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers with Special Needs)
  • Accurately scoring the CCITSN and reporting scores for curriculum sequences on the Developmental Progress Chart

? Workplace Outcomes

After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Collect relevant developmental information about a child to communicate with the family and others on the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) team.
  • Use collected information to plan for child progress.
  • Plan periodic assessments and monitor ongoing progress.

This online course introduces providers to the administration and scoring of the CCITSN, a curriculum-based assessment approved for use for KY First Steps providers and published by Brookes Publishing. Course materials must be purchased prior to enrollment from Brookes at