Supports for Community Living: Community Access Training for Community Access Specialists and Supervisors

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Moving From Presence to Participation: Supporting People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities to Belong in Their Local Communities

Early Childhood Education providers will not receive credit for this course.

Target Audience: Community Access Specialists and Supervisors who provide the Community Access service to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Supports for Community Living Waiver

Length of Course: 6 weeks including required activities with Learning Partner in the Learning Journey and Community Connections Tracking Sheet

In this course, you will encounter the following types of activities

  • ? Think Spot: An ungraded opportunity to reflect on the topic discussed and likely is tied to the course handout. It is recommended that you download or print the handout to have on hand while you complete this course.
  • ? Check Your Knowledge: A graded quiz to check your understanding of the topic(s) covered. Check Your Knowledge quizzes are complete when 80% of the questions are answered correctly. You may take the Check Your Knowledge quizzes multiple times until 80% is achieved.
  • ? Embedded Videos: Throughout the course there are videos from various YouTube channels. Many of these videos must be viewed in its entirety before moving on to the next topic. If you encounter a problem with a video please email and include the name of the video or topic you are having trouble with.
  • ? Required Reading: Required text are specified at the start of the course. You should stop here to complete the required reading.

Required Materials:

  1. Make a Difference: A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support by John O’Brien and Beth Mount available from
  2. “Your Learning Journey”available from
  3. The Supports for Community Living Regulation regarding Community Access which you must download from this Lesson.

Supports for Community Living

Please note:   All learners will be assigned a DDID Learning Coach.  The DDID Learning Coach will review and approve  your “Think Spot” submissions as well as approve the story you will need to submit after Lesson Six (6).   To have an assignment approved by your Learning Coach will require you to answer all of the questions in the “Think Spot in response to the instructions.   You will need the Make A Difference book and “Your Learning Journey” in order to respond to many of the questions. 

The course is structured to allow you to move ahead prior to the Learning Coach having approved your answers.  Please note this does not mean you will automatically pass the course simply because you have finished all six lessons.  You will have to correct or complete any items identified and shared with you by your Learning Coach in order to complete the training. 

The DDID Learning Coaches are: