Preservice Health Training for Student Dentists – Case 1: Daniel

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The Preservice Health Training (PHT) modules were designed to educate student and practicing primary care providers about working with individuals having developmental disabilities.

As you work through each case, you make decisions about how to conduct the examination, as well as answer specific questions related to developing a treatment plan.

About The Case

In this adult case the patient, Daniel, is being seen for a possible dental restoration. The actor playing Daniel is an individual with dual sensory impairment.

Observe how best to facilitate effective clinical interactions in this situation.

Funding for this project was provided by the Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities.

You’re the Dentist

In this interactive case, you are playing the role of a dentist. You will interact with a virtual patient played by an actor with a developmental disability.

Be prepared to make decisions, get feedback and hone your communication skills.

Note to Students

You are preparing to meet Daniel, your next patient. Daniel is an adult male with dual sensory impairment. He is a new patient who was referred by one of your other patients – you have not seen him before. Daniel is experiencing pain in one of his lower, right teeth. Your main task is to accommodate and respect Daniel’s specific needs and concerns throughout the course of the dental visit.