FET 1: Effective Trainers, Adult Learners, and Learning Environments (Fall 2020)

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Effective Training (FET)!

FET is a hybrid training that consists of several sections of content online plus two virtual Zoom sessions (in lieu of the one day of face to face training). All sections must be completed in order as this training is sequential, building on content from each previous section. The learning management system is set up to let you progress to the next section once you have completed the necessary prior assignment. FET is designed for flexibility, allowing you to work as your schedule permits and saving your work as you go.

However, it is important to start working through the courses as soon as they open and complete by the designated due date. This will allow you to pace yourself and move through the content at a comfortable rate. The time it takes to complete each course may vary for each participant due to previous experience with the content and/or their level of comfort with online training.

Each Course in FET will have a ‘Course Content’ table below its home page. Please start each course by clicking the first lesson.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Course Facilitators are your regional Training Coaches (Fall 2020)


Tips for Navigating FET (Fall 2020)


Handouts (Fall 2020)


Trainer Credential Overview (Fall 2020)


Brain Function and Development (Fall 2020)


Diversity of Adult Learners (Fall 2020)


Optimal Conditions for Adult Learning (Fall 2020)


Ethics and Professionalism (Fall 2020)


Physical Environment for Face to Face Training (Fall 2020)


Effective Strategies for Successful Training (Fall 2020)


Creating a Safe Psychological Environment (Fall 2020)


Designing an Effective Online Learning Environment (Fall 2020)