ECE 225B: Implementing Kentucky Strengthening Families -Social Connections (1 hr)

This course is a follow-up to ECE 125 Introduction to the Kentucky Strengthening Families Initiative. You must complete that course before beginning this one.

This course will allow you to focus on implementing the Protective Factor of Social Connections within any setting that serves young children and their families.

When caregivers experience positive social connections, they:

  • Maintain multiple friendships and supportive relationships with others.
  • Feel respected and appreciated in their roles as the primary caregiver.
  • Accept help from others and give help to others.
  • Establish connections and a sense of belonging with other families.

Families who have positive social connections seek timely assistance from people they have learned to “count on” and are empowered to give back through satisfying mutually beneficial relationships.  Supportive social connections help buffer families from stressors and support nurturing parenting skills that promote secure attachments in young children. 

This course will involve personal reflection, gathering feedback, and intentional family interactions. Resources will also be provided.

Important Information

This course requires the completion of several activities that will support the implementation of activities to promote Social Connections to any setting that serves young children and families.

Throughout the course, you will be provided resources and information to complete these activities but you will need to stop the course periodically in order to complete them. These activities include:                     

  • An Eco-Map
  • Family Survey
  • Supporting Family Social Connections
  • Providing Resources