ECE 225B: Implementing Kentucky Strengthening Families -Social Connections (1 hr)

This course is a follow-up to ECE 125 Introduction to the Kentucky Strengthening Families Initiative. You must complete that course before beginning this one.

This course will allow you to focus on implementing the Protective Factor of Social Connections within your classroom or childcare center.

Our vision for families is that they would:

  • Maintain multiple friendships and supportive relationships with others.
  • Feel respected and appreciated in their role as parent or primary caregiver.
  • Accept help from others and give help to others.
  • Establish connections and a sense of belonging with other families.

Families with strong social connections have positive relationships that provide emotional, informational and spiritual support. They feel secure and confident that they have others with who they can share the joy, pain and uncertainties that come with the parenting role.

This course will involve personal reflection, gathering feedback, intentional family interactions and will provide resources.

Emily Keely

Lead Facilitator

Kristen Martin

State Supervisor

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Course Objectives

1.Help families to develop strong social connections

2. Connect the Social Connections Protective Factor to the six Guiding Premises.