ECE 125: Introduction to the Kentucky Strengthening Families Initiative (1.5 hours)

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Course Overview

  • Course will take approximately 1.5 (one and a half) hours to complete
  • Upon successful completion participants will be awarded 1.5 early care and education training hours
  • Audience: Professionals working with families

Course Description

This training will introduce participants to the Kentucky Strengthening Families (KYSF) Initiative and share ways to apply components of this approach to any setting that serves young children and their families. Participants will learn the importance of the Kentucky Strengthening Families Initiative, including the six (6) Guiding Premises, the six (6) Protective Factors, how to change their perspective when working with families, and identify Protective Factors that they would like to strengthen within their organization and their work with families.

Course Facilitators

Emily Keely

Lead Facilitator

Kristen Martin

State Supervisor

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Training Outcomes

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of the Kentucky Strengthening Families (KYSF) Initiative based on the research that supports the movement
  • List and explain each of the 6 Protective Factors
  • Identify family-driven, youth-driven, and strength-based implementation strategies
  • Recognize how to shift from a deficit-based, risk factor lens of working with families to a more positive lens that focuses on their strengths and skills
  • Identify how Protective Factors can support your work with children and families

Workplace Outcomes

Participants will be able to work with children’s caregivers using a strengths-based, relationship focused mindset; identify Protective Factors that need more support in their programs, and return with a goal for improvement.