SCCC SU-4: Hydration

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Learning Objectives:
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
·       Recognize the importance of water in the body
·       Briefly describe what dehydration is
·       Recognize the signs of dehydration
·       Describe the impact that dehydration can have
·       Describe ways to prevent dehydration
·       Recognize the extra risks of dehydration from medications and hospitalization
Course Significance:
Water is very important for the human body to function. Dehydration happens when a person does not consume enough fluids to replace the water the body uses. It affects a significant number of seniors. This course will help you understand how to recognize dehydration, how to prevent it and how to help someone affected by it.
Course Instructors: Kristine Kumpfer, CJ Ruiz, Eliza Mulloy, Madison Roberts