SCCC 107: Community Partnerships

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Learning Objective:
The learner will get a better understanding of the vital role of community partnerships in helping the senior center and congregate nutrition programs reach out to members of the senior community who may be in need of services but are unaware that they are available.

Course Significance:
The senior center and the congregate nutrition program must be a vital cog in the community. It must be seen as a place that is safe, welcoming and an integral part of the larger community. It will accomplish this best by working in tandem with other partners in the community to enable better outreach to those “harder to find” individuals who may be impacted by other community services but are not aware of the services provided by the center. The faith-based community, too, must be part of an ongoing dialogue to encourage seniors to engage in the services offered by the center. Partnerships both old and new must be recruited and/or retained in order to best serve the unserved in the community.