SCCC 132: Next Steps In Finding the Right Community

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Course Significance:
Age does not define us, and  we all want and need different things   throughout our lifetime.  Defining what we want, and need is a soul-searching  process but  one that will pay off in the decision-making process. And while the internet is certainly a great way to glean information about the various senior living options, when it comes to making this important decision  an in-person visit is necessary. This course will provide tools for helping someone  identify what they really want and need  and navigate the in-person visit.  The outcome will be finding the right fit, the right community to call home.

Learning Objectives:
Finding the right senior living community is a multi-step process. The first  3 steps were discussed in a NFESH web-based course called Housing and Supportive Services  for Seniors: Exploring the Options. They included:

  • Step one-Evaluating the Current Living Situation and reason for moving
  • Step two- Review of Senior Housing Options
  • Step three-  Identifying location of where to live and budget for how much an individual wants to spend

While it may seem like all of the homework has been completed, two other steps are needed to ensure the right decision is made. These last two steps  in the process will be discussed in this course. They  include  making a detailed list  of  personal needs and preferences, and an in-person visit to possible senior living communities.