SCCC 130: servWELL 101

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Course Significance:
Congregate meals are often a senior center’s largest expense. Operating the congregate meal program efficiently is often one of the center’s highest priorities. Well-run programs should be able to achieve measurable goals in many areas. The servWELL Scan measures those aspects of your congregate meal program. A servWELL Scan will help you to determine how your results compare to those goals, and help you to meet the goals.
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
·      Plan for a servWELL Scan
·      Set up your senior center for a servWELL Scan
·      Communicate about the servWELL Scan
·      Weigh food for a servWELL Scan
·      Enter information into the servWELL Scan spreadsheet
·      Use the results from a servWELL Scan