Preservice Health Training for Physician Assistants – Case 1: Julia

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Welcome to the PHT Modules, produced by the Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky.The PHT Modules were funded by the Kentucky Council for Developmental Disabilities.

The Preservice Health Training (PHT) Modules were designed to improve students’ and practicing clinicians’ comfort level and knowledge for working with patients who have developmental disabilities. The modules were produced in response to the continuing disparity in access to quality healthcare experienced by this patient population.

As you work through each case, you make decisions about how to conduct the examination, as well as answer specific questions related to developing a treatment plan.

About The Case

Julia is a 13 year-old patient with Down syndrome being seen for a well-adolescent visit. The patient is played by an actor with this developmental disability.

In this case the patient, Julia, is being seen for a well-child visit. The actor playing Julia is an individual with Down syndrome.

Observe how best to facilitate effective clinical interactions in this situation.

As you go through this case, notice in particular how issues related to communication are addressed.