Office ergonomics and reasonable accommodations – HDI Tech 111

Silhouette of a person at a desk working on a computer. They are shown in seated, supported standing, and standing positions.
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Ergonomics is the science of making things fit people better so they can work more comfortably and safely. In this course, we look at the basic building blocks of a supportive ergonomic office workstation. We will cover important considerations when arranging office spaces and how the right setup can reduce pain, increase energy, and prevent common injuries like carpal tunnel. After this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to set up office spaces that consider diverse body mechanics and human factors for yourself and others. The course is intended for workers with and without disabilities, employers, and employment services providers.

Course objectives

  1. Learners define reasonable workplace accommodations.
  2. Learners apply basic ergonomic principles to tailor workstations to individual workers’ needs.
  3. Learners select office furniture and accessories that support good ergonomics.
  4. Learners integrate ergonomics in to their personal workspaces and those of their employees.

NOTE: Where commercial products are mentioned, pictured, or linked throughout this course, they are intended as examples only. Neither the University of Kentucky nor the Human Development Institute endorse or recommend any specific product(s) or manufacturer(s) of the included products.