LearnDash 101 for HDIers

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This course is intended to give HDIers an overview of how LearnDash Courses are created.

Our Learning Philosophy

The HDI Online Learning Center strives to create online courses which:

  • Are universally designed to ensure access for all learners. This access includes using accessible media and providing coursework across all browsers and device types.
  • Involve multiple learning modes and styles. Knowing that every person learns at a different pace and by various methods, learners should be exposed to new material in more than one modality and reinforced in multiple ways.
  • Engage professionals in other fields to enhance online communities of practice;
  • Foster collaboration among fellow university, statewide, and national partners;
  • Actively engage learners to be responsible for their learning;
  • Are interactive and reflective, embedding constructionism and recursive learning theories. Use deep learning methods with continuous formative evaluation;
  • Highlight the breadth and depth of our instructional capacity at HDI.