FET 370 Beyond Fundamentals Tech for Trainers: Online Course Development

Welcome to FET 370: Developing Online Course Content!  This course satisfies the regulatory requirement for cabinet approved online training development course for credentialed trainers who will be conducting online or webinar training sessions. This course will review basic regulatory requirements as well as best practice recommendations on how to develop online or webinar training sessions.  This course assumes that the learner has basic knowledge on how to create training plans and computer skills. 

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded 2 how to train other adults credit hours (this course is not approved for early care and education clock hours).  To successfully complete this course you must proceed through all Lessons and Topics, completing any assignments and quizzes, and complete a final assignment based on the content of the training session. 

Important note! Credit is not automatically awarded after completion of the lessons and course evaluation.  In order to receive credit, you must submit your final assignment, which will be reviewed and graded.   Upon successful completion of your final assignment, credit will be awarded.  No certificate will be mailed to you, and credit will be entered into ECE-TRIS within 10 calendar days. 

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This course is divided into multiple lessons and some lessons may have sub-topics. To move through lessons and topics you will need to click “mark complete” at the bottom of the page.  To access quizzes or assignments you may need to click “start quiz” to access quiz content.  

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922 KAR 2:240. Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential and training approval

Section 3. Application and Approval for a Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential.
(2) Applicants and trainers conducting online trainings or webinars shall complete the cabinet-approved online training development course.