ECE 225F: Implementing Kentucky Strengthening Families – Nurturing and Attachment (1 hr)

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This course is a follow-up to ECE 125 Introduction to the Kentucky Strengthening Families Initiative. You must complete that course before beginning this one.

This course will allow you to focus on implementing the Protective Factor of Nurturing and Attachment within your classroom or childcare center.

Our vision for families:

  • Families respond to their child with warmth and consistently build a strong and secure attachment.
  • Families help their child to trust that their environments are safe.
  • Families recognize and embrace their child’s strengths and individuality.
  • Families teach their child how to form and keep healthy relationships with others.

Families with strong nurturing and attachment give their children the best chance of developing into teens and adults who are happy, healthy and possess individual-level protective factors, such as relational, self-regulation and problem solving skills.

This course will involve personal reflection, gathering feedback, intentional family interactions and will provide resources.

Emily Keely

Lead Facilitator

Kristen Martin

State Supervisor

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Course Objectives

1. Gain an understanding of

2. Connect the Nurturing and Attachment Protective Factor to the six Guiding Premises.