ECE 105: Structuring the Environment to Prevent Misbehavior (FIT) (1 hour)

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Family Interaction Training (FIT) Training is a set of three modules (ECE 104, 105, & 106) based on an evidence-based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) course.  These courses provideinformation to help early care and education providers learn Key Concepts and Strategies of FIT. The modules and videos provide an overview of how to work with families on each of the strategies and how to apply these principles to your own early care and education setting. The goal of FIT is to share evidence-based practice that promotes positive behaviors in young children.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, participants will be able to

  • describe the importance of establishing routines and rules
  • establish routines and rules in a classroom setting
  • use transitions and redirections to prevent misbehaviors

Let’s start by reviewing the key concepts for this module below. These concepts may be familiar to you, but reviewing them helps to reinforce how they fit into the goal of understanding behavior. The more you know about behavior, the better prepared you are to help families. In this course, you will also be using specific strategies to help structure the environment to make expectations clear, promote consistency and predictability, and help prevent misbehavior. 

  • You can help children better manage behaviors and get along with others. 
  • You can help children manage their behavior with clear and consistent schedules, routines, rules, and directions. 
  • Intervening before behavior problems start can prevent misbehavior. 
  • Strategies focusing on helping children manage feelings can prevent misbehavior.