FET 210 – Beyond Fundamentals Tech for Trainers: Creating and Sharing Photos with Audio (1 hour)

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In this session, learners will use low-tech and free options to create and share pictures with audio to enhance professional development. Participants will apply what they learn to create their own picture with audio.

Creating and producing digital content may not be what is native to you, but it will be to the workforce you are working with. High school students are increasingly graduating with the expectation that learning is interactive, on demand and tailored to meet their needs.

Digital media and content have come a long way. Tools and services are available now to make you (yes you!) the creator of digital content, to meet the needs of the consumer you are providing professional development services to.

In this course, you will explore one exciting type of media – photos with audio. These photos can be used similar to how you might use a video, only they are short (less than 90 seconds). Photos can be shared in a face to face setting, or online.


  • Select appropriate pictures for sharing with other professionals
  • Understand the concept of using audio with photos
  • Create and share your own ideas via photos and audio

Target Audience: Trainers seeking a low-tech option for incorporating media into trainings

Credit Hours: 1 hour Adult Learning/How to Train Other Adults