Problem-Based Learning

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training participants will

  • Be able to develop their own learning objective using the knowledge, skills, attitudes model 
  • Be able to develop their training assessment method using knowledge, skills, attitude model 
  • Be able to create succinct learning materials based on developed learning objectives 
  • Be able to identify the importance of limiting content in trainings 

Transition 102: Important Predictors for Post-High School Success (2019 Updated Version)

🎧 Audio

Guiding Questions for Transition 102

  1. What are the strongest predictors of competitive employment for youth with significant disabilities?
  2. What are other important variables related to successful transitions for students with significant disabilities?

Course developed by KentuckyWorks, funded by the US Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Administration for Community Living.

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Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Kentucky Employment Files, Kristi – J. Barrett’s Hair School Nicholasville, KY

An Introduction to Kentucky Resources for Early Care and Education Trainers


An Introduction to Resources in Kentucky for Early Childhood Trainers

As a prospective Early Care and Education Credentialed Trainer, this course will provide you with an overview of the many early childhood services in Kentucky. It will also acquaint you with the settings in which many training participants work.

The resources in this section are designed to assist families and Early Care and Education professionals. Some resources may be available in electronic form, via the internet; some are more formal resources, and some resources may be informational only.

Click the first lesson below to learn more about this online course and the course navigation.  This is followed by a brief pre-test.

Prenatal Genetic Information

This course is for medical and genetics professionals and students to better understand the outcomes for people with Down syndrome and other genetic conditions as impacted by improved access to supports and services over the past 50 years. This course also cover the information needs of expectant parents following a prenatal diagnosis and the laws impacting the provision of that information. This course includes videos, a podcast about the basic history of disability rights, quizzes, reflection questions, and the capacity for professors to assign the course to their medical students as a lecture and get a report of results from the assignments and activities. Please email Stephanie Meredith for more details about setting up the lecture for your class.

Target Audience: Medical and genetics professionals and students

Hours: 2


  1. Understand how the basic history of disability rights has impacted outcomes for people with different genetic conditions.
  2. Learn how outcomes have improved over the past 50 years for people with different genetic conditions, including an in-depth discussion of how outcomes have evolved for people with Down syndrome in various areas of life.
  3. Identify the informational needs of expectant parents following a prenatal diagnosis to provide meaningful support and available resources.
  4. Learn about laws that impact what types of information professionals are expected to provide following a prenatal diagnosis.

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Beyond Fundamentals Tech for Trainers: Practical Strategies for Powerful Handouts

Developed by

Patti Singleton

Professional Learning Coordinator, Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky

Heather Gerker

Former Director of Professional Development and Training, Children Inc.

Your presentation handout is the lasting concrete manifestation of your presentation (Speaking About Presenting). Creating effective handouts is not printing the PowerPoint slides as a handout.

In this course, trainers will explore best practice strategies and technologies for creating real handouts. Handouts that 1) complement your session and 2) create a powerful reference for session participants. Successful completion of this course will be the submission of an effective, powerful handout.


1)      List three ways Powerful Handouts will increase retention.

2)      Revise a regular handout to a Powerful Handout.

3)      Develop a handout from scratch using a new strategy.

LearnDash 101 for HDIers

This course is intended to give HDIers an overview of how LearnDash Courses are created.