Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to those interested in registering for Human Development Institute Online Learning courses.

Completion of the coursework is determined by passing all of the required quizzes with a grade of at least 80% or higher unless otherwise noted and by completing all non-graded activities. The enrolled participant agrees that he/she will complete all coursework independently, without obtaining answers to quizzes from other persons.

No refunds will be granted. If the learner registered is no longer employed at the agency that enrolled him/her and did not start the course, another employee may be substituted. The training coordinator must be contacted within the 30 days of registration of the course.

Each learner must have a unique email address. Only one learner per email address may access the course.

Per KAR 922 2:240 Section 11 (11), early childhood educators shall not repeat online training courses, including orientation, unless 5 years have passed since the online training was completed or if it is required to as part of a disciplinary directive by a state agency or employer. If a course is repeated under any other circumstances the clock hours will not count.

If you are registering another learner, you should use the ‘for groups’ option to create a group (even if for just one person). After checkout you will have a ‘group management’ tab. There you can add & invite the learner to take the course. If you already have a group with the course the learner needs, you can ‘add seats’ directly from that group page. After the seat is added, you can ‘add & invite’ the learner.

Some course modules include video lessons that require access to YouTube.


This online course has technical requirements which include but are not limited to

  1. Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher;
  2. Cable, DSL or other high-speed internet connection.

If you do not meet these requirements you may be required to complete this course at a public library or on another computer.

By checking the “I’ve read accept the terms and conditions” checkbox you are verifying that you are the person who will be completing the training, or you have provided the registration information for the person who will be completing the training. The name provided on the Learner Details form is the person who will receive a certificate of completion for course.