SPLASH: Systematic Instruction for K-12 Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities LD GL

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The goal of this module is to help the participant learn how to fill in the different parts of a systematic instruction plan (SIP). Additionally, the module will include information regarding how to identify the reinforcement and error correction strategies as well as teaching for maintenance and generalization.


Please note – credit will NOT be assigned for early care and education providers. This course is intended for those working in the Special Education classroom only.

Objectives: The participant will be able to

  1. Identify the sections of a systematic instruction plan (SIP) and what to include in each section.
  2. Identify the appropriate prompting strategy (response prompting or stimulus prompting) to be used with the skill chosen in the SIP.
  3. Select a plan to systematically fade out prompting strategy chosen.
  4. Identify positive reinforcement vs. negative reinforcement, schedules of reinforcement, and methods to identify reinforcers.
  5. Identify strategies for error correction procedures. Select a plan of maintenance and generalization based on a chosen skill.


SPLASH is an initiative of the Kentucky Department of Education’s State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) funded by the Office of Special Education Programs and managed by the University of Louisville.