SCCC 108: Food Safety

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Learning Objective:

The learner will get a better understanding of the significance of how important the three components of food safety are in congregate nutrition programs. Proper food safety measures in storage, preparation and serving will be addressed in this course.

Course Significance:

Food safety is important for everyone. It is especially important for those working in congregate nutrition programs because the clients are seniors. It is a fact that older adults are at a higher risk for hospitalization and death fro food borne illness. This increased risk of food borne illness is because organs and body systems go through changes as people age. For example: the gastrointestinal tract holds onto food for a longer period of time, allowing bacteria to grow. The liver and kidneys may not properly rid the body of foreign bacteria and toxins. The stomach may not produce enough acid. The acidity helps to reduce the number of bacteria in our intestinal tract. And, underlying chronic conditions, such as diabetes and cancer, may also increase a persons risk of food borne illness.