ECE 115: Engaging Families using the Kentucky Strengthening Families Protective Factors: Focus on Healthy Behaviors (2 hours)


Target Audience: Early Care and Education. This two hour online course explains healthy eating best practices. The content focuses on increasing knowledge and awareness of healthy practices and their impact on young children. During this session participants are expected to increase their knowledge, awareness and motivations to work towards healthy change.


Working with families requires building strong relations with parents and families.  While relationships are built over time, there are many things ECE professionals can do through simple steps to help build these relationships. Things such as greeting parents using their name and sharing stories about the child’s day can nurture these relationships.  Part A of the module will explore a variety of strategies that ECE professionals can use to support families.

Target Audience: Early care and education providers

Clock Hours: 2


  • Identify 2 actions to enhance the family-friendly environment in their classroom or program
  • Review everyday actions that support families in building protective factors
  • Practice incorporating the Kentucky Strengthening FamiliesSM Protective Factors into typical family events
  • ional environment in your program