Learning Center Updates

You might have noticed some changes to the HDI Online Learning Center.

My Courses

My Courses now includes a START or RESUME buttons. The resume button will take you to the place in the course where you left.

Screenshot of an example of the resume and start buttons. Beside the resume button is 93%

Course Navigation

Our course navigation has been moved.

screenshot of the updated course navigation, with a 1 beside the course content, and a 2 pointing to the arrow button that minimizes the course navigation

1 Find the full navigation on the right-hand side of the course. This navigation gives you a preview of what you still have to complete in the course.

2 Minimize or expand the course navigation using this button.

accessibility widget logo showing a stick figure person surrounded by a blue circle

Accessibility Widget

Expanded userway menu

There is an icon on the upper right hand corner, clicking on this will expand an accessibility widget.

Options like Bigger Text are available.

Questions about the new layout? Use the Contact Us button below to reach out to a team member.