LearnDash User Guide for HDI Learning

Managing Users | Exporting Course Completions | Exporting Course Form Data | Managing Groups | Manging Graded Assignments | Creating Products for Group Purchase | Creating a Course Shell

1      Managing Users

1.1 User Profile

The user profile has been updating with some additional features

Watch a video here: https://youtu.be/R4o5b2qOawY

  • SWITCH TO allows you to log in as the user for troubleshooting
  • USER ENROLLED IN COURSES is a list of all the courses the user is enrolled in. If someone needs a course added, search for the course and then click the right arrow to add that course to their profile.
  • USER ENROLLED IN GROUPS: groups will allow you directors or staff to manage their own groups. For instance a child care director can create and manage a group of individuals completing ECOOL. To add an existing user to an already created group, search for the group and then use the right arrow to move them into the group.
  • ADDITIONAL WOOCOMMERCE INFORMATION: if the user has completed an ECE-TRIS information form in a course, the last 4 of SSN and date of birth will display here.

1.2 Catching a User up in a Course

This is when someone wants to finish a course in LearnDash that they started in Sensei.

Go to Users>  Look up the user and click on their username

  1. Scroll down to User Enrolled in Courses
  2. Search all courses does NOT work
  3. Use the next button to go to page 6
  4. Click on the course, then the right arrow to move the course.
  5. Scroll down and click update
  6. On the user page still, scroll down to “Course Info”
  7. Find the course, click Details
  8. Click the check box beside the modules they need to have completed
  9. Scroll down and click update

2      Exporting Course Completions

User Insights is a reporting tool we will be using.

Watch a video here:

Uncanny Owl CEU Plugin Knowledge Base: https://www.uncannyowl.com/article-categories/uncanny-ceus-learndash/

3      Exporting Course Form Data

Gravity forms are used to collect profile information, like the ECE-TRIS Information Form.

Watch a video here: https://youtu.be/R4Y633AN3z0

There are two versions of the ECE-TRIS Information Form. The one with Optional has a conditional question: Do you need credit for the completion of this course entered into ECE-TRIS? If Yes, the form will display. If no, the learner can continue.

3.1     Viewing Completed Forms

To view an entry for a gravity form, go to FORMS > ENTRIES > select your form

To add a filter, go to the gear in the upper right hand corner of the table. Here you can select the fields that display in the columns and re-order them.

Clicking on the Entry Date you can open a completed form to view. You are able to email the user directly, and also print the form.

3.2     Exporting Forms

Go to FORMS > IMPORT/EXPORT. Here you will select your form, the fields (note the select all), and the date range. Clicking Download Export File will download an Excel spreadsheet with the selected fields.

4      Managing Groups

4.1     Creating a new group

By default, when more than 1 seat is purchased the purchaser will become a group leader.

You can also create a group on the back-end.

Step 1. Go to USERS. Find the user that will become the group leader. If they don’t already have an account create one now. Hover over their username and choose “capabilities”. Under other capabilities, choose Group Leader. Update.

Step 2. Go to UnCanny Groups > CREATE NEW GROUP

Name the group. I would put the name of the center/organization and the course name.

Assign the group leader.

Go to LearnDash LMS > Groups. Find your group. Add users (if applicable). The Group Leader can also do this step.


4.2 Creating Groups for Assignment Management

If a course has a graded assignment, a course group will have to be created.

Ensure the course facilitator (the person who will be grading assignments) is an Enhanced Group Leader. Go to Users > find the account > look to see if Enhanced Group Leaders is checked.

Create the course group using the instructions from 4.1 above.

Check the box that states “Automatically enroll all students” – this will add students to the group as they enroll.

Add the Group Leader.

Make sure the group leader has links to the following pages:

  • Manage Essays https://hdilearning.org/manage-essays/
  • Manage Assignments https://hdilearning.org/manage-assignments/

5      Grading Essay Assignments

Backend (for admins) https://www.hdilearning.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_status=not_graded&post_type=sfwd-essays&paged=1

  • Manage Essays https://hdilearning.org/manage-essays/
  • Manage Assignments https://hdilearning.org/manage-assignments/

6  Creating Products for Group Purchase

  1. Create a new product, select Course for the product type, select the corresponding LearnDash course,  include description and price, publish
  2. Duplicate the product you just made, change the product type to LearnDash Group Course, make sure the correct course is selected, add GP to the end of the title, select hidden for visibility, publish.
  3. Duplicate the group product you just made, select LearnDash Group License for the product type, add GL to the end of the title, publish, copy the permalink info.
  4. Go back to the original product and insert the permalink for the group license product into the group purchase url field, publish.

7 Creating a Course Shell

Go to LearnDash > Courses. Click ADD NEW

Course Page:

  • Add a course title. This can be edited later
  • Select the course Author from the drop-down.


  • Under Course Content, select Only visible to enrollees. This ensures that only those learners enrolled in the course can see the course content. Otherwise someone can start the course.
  • Access Mode, select CLOSED. If this is left on OPEN, all students automatically have access to the course.

Now, Publish the course. No student can enroll because there is no product tied to the course.