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We are so excited you have decided to take the Family Interaction Training (FIT) modules. You have made a great choice! The goal of FIT is to share the evidence-based practice that promotes positive behaviors in young children. There is no cost to you to take these modules. We think this information is so valuable that we will be offering free books when you complete all 3 modules and then reach out to the Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network (KY-SPIN) for follow up and resources. These books are available only as long as supplies last.

We have a quick survey we would like for you to take before you begin.  This information will be helpful in making sure we know where to send your gifts. Take the required pre-survey now

After you have completed your modules and reached out to KY-SPIN, please fill out this survey Post FIT Training-Book Selection(selection options may vary based on availability) to let us know which books you would like to receive.

This work is a cooperative effort between the Human Development Institute, Early Childhood Division at the the University of Kentucky and Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network. Please share this information with other families who might also like to take advantage of this resources.

In order to sign up for these modules, you will have to create an HDI Learning account. There is no cost to sign up even though you will have to “check out” to sign up for the modules. Here are the modules: ECE 104, ECE 105, & ECE 106

We also want to encourage you to reach out to the Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network (KY-SPIN) for additional resources to help answer any questions you may have about the modules. They are prepared to work 1 on 1 with you and provide you with some great tools and resources to help you along your parenting journey. If you are not familiar with KY-SPIN, here is an introduction.

Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network (KY-SPIN) is the Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center for KY (funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education under IDEA) provides training, information and support through a “Families Helping Families” model for children and youth with all types of disabilities (birth through 26 years old), their parents, families, and professionals. KY-SPIN’s mission is to link families and individuals with disabilities to valuable resources that will enable them to live productive, fulfilling lives.

The staff at KY-SPIN looks forward to talking to each of you.  Here is their contact information:

Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network (KY-SPIN)
Toll Free: 1-800-525-7746
Phone: 502-937-6894
Fax: 502-937-6464
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The FIT Training is a product of the Positive Family Networks and Supports Initiative—a collaborative effort between the Human Development Institute (HDI), Kentucky-Special Parent Involvement Network (KY-SPIN) and the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities.  This work is supported by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD).  This training is based on CDC evidence-based materials.