DAIL 109: Guardianship Court Process and Forms

A pair of black glasses and a gray pen on a stack of documents.

Guardianship Court Process and Forms

This training module is designed to provide new guardianship staff with a basic understanding of the court process and required forms.  

The Guardianship court process is required by law and takes place in District Courts in each county across the state.  These proceedings are required to determine an individual’s level of disability if any, and, if necessary, appoint an agency or individual to serve as guardian or conservator. 

This course will review the court process required to determine the level of guardianship including:

  • Court forms,
  • Legal representation individuals are entitled to,
  • What happens in a hearing,
  • What it means to be found in need of a guardian, and
  • What role the Guardian State Service Worker will have.

Course Length: This course will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

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