DAIL 104: Person-Centered Planning – Creating and Supporting a Good Life

Blue wooden person figure surounded by brown wooden person figures with lines pointing to the blue figure in the middle

According to the Administration on Community Living, Person-Centered Planning “is a process for selecting and organizing the services and supports that an older adult or person with a disability may need to live in the community.  Most importantly, it is a process that is directed by the person who receives the support. Person-Centered Planning helps the person construct and articulate a vision for the future, consider various paths, engage in decision-making and problem solving, monitor progress, and make needed adjustments in a timely manner. It highlights individual responsibility, including taking appropriate risks.”

*Source: https://acl.gov/programs/consumer-control/person-centered-planning

This course provides an overview of Person-Centered Planning and three major approaches with outcomes that promote the following for an individual under guardianship:

  1. Sharing ordinary places that define community life
  2. Belonging – the experience of being part of a growing network of personal relationships that include close friends
  3. Respect – having a valued place among a network of people and valued roles in personal and community life
  4. Supporting contribution – the opportunity to perform functional and meaningful activities with whatever level or type of assistance is required
  5. Choice – the experience of autonomy both in small everyday matters (e.g., what to eat or what to wear) and in large defining matters, e.g., with whom to live or what kind of work to do

Course Length: This course will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

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