Putting FET to Work: Assignment 1

In this first assignment you will begin to work on your training plan. This will include general information about your training, outcomes, skills, and developing a needs assessment.

This assignment will help prepare you for and serve as a basis of the training plan you will be creating.

Directions for Assignment 1: Decisions, Decisions

1) Click on the link provided to access the Training Plan Information Form that will guide you throughout the assignment: Beyond Fundamentals Putting FET to Work Assignment 1 Decisions, Decisions

2) Complete each item on the form by providing all the information requested.

3) Submit the assignment by using the upload button below.

Please remember it could up to 3 business days for your assignment to be reviewed and feed back provided. You will not be able to continue through the course until after the assignment has been reviewed and completed satisfactorily.


A grading rubric will help you identify what will be reviewed upon submission of your assignment. Please note that all components must be completed satisfactorily prior to being able to move on through the course. You may be asked to provide additional information before being considered complete. Please respond to any communication from the course facilitator in a timely manner.
Reach out to the course facilitator if you have any questions or or problems completing the activity.

All components must be completed satisfactorily in order to progress to the next section.
Training Topic
Core Content Subject Area Should best match training topic.
Core Content Competency
Listed and best matches training content. 
Core Content Competency Page Number
List the page number where the Core Content Competency is located.
Training Length
Training Level
Workplace Outcome
Indicates what participants will do when they return to their workplace and related to training content.
List skills needed to implement Workplace Outcome
List knowledge needed to implement Workplace Outcome
Skills and Knowledge Sequence List
List skills and knowledge you will present in the order or presentation. 
Training Outcome
Indicates what participants will do during the training and related to the training content.
Training Title
Clear, concise, related to training content.
Needs Assessment
Write at least 6 questions that will be included on your Needs Assessment.