Putting FET to Work: Assignment 3 Copy

Beyond Fundamentals – Putting FET to Work

Module III

***Please read through ALL of the directions below, #1 – #6 (#6 a – d). Print if needed for reference***

 Assignment 3 Directions: CONTENT DELIVERY and CLOSING segments of the Training Plan

1)      Click on the link provided to access Training Plan- page 2-3

2)      Keep in mind the total minutes available within the CONTENT DELIVERY segment (60-70%) and the CLOSING segment (20-25%) of your 2- or 3-hour workshop.

3)      Fill in your plan as completely as possible, providing your detailed plans for each part of the CONTENT DELIVERY; “C”-Content, “E”Exercise, and CLOSING; Q & A, “S”-Summary, Implementation Plan, Follow-Up, Evaluation, Housekeeping.  

4)      For each CONTENT DELIVERY and CLOSING task; document what you will do, how you will do it, what you will need and the time needed in the appropriate row of boxes across the Table. Where you see N/A (not applicable), you need not enter any information in those designated boxes.

5)      Insert your Training Outcomes in the appropriate places in the first vertical column.

6)      Submit Assignment 1 within 5 business days by using the upload button below.

Putting FET to Work: Assignment 3 Copy