When Trainer Credential is Issued S20

Once you receive your Trainer Credential you can be placed on a Professional Development Registry. This is a registry of trainers hosted through ECE-TRIS at Eastern Kentucky University and is optional.

On the trainers credential application there is a place to indicate if you would like to have your work email and phone number published. You are able to modify these responses through ECE-TRIS at any time.

Credentialed Trainers are also enrolled in the Trainer’s Credential listserv through Child Care Aware of Kentucky, providing you with notifications of training announcements and opportunities.

Regulations need to be reviewed and followed

As a Credentialed Trainer, you need to be aware of the Kentucky Early Care and Education Training Regulations (effective 11/15/06; revised 7/1/14).

As a credentialed trainer you will be able to offer early care and education clock hours for your trainings. These clock hours can be applied towards licensing requirements, Kentucky All STARS, and for Trainers Credential renewal hours.

There are a few policy clarifications that all trainers need to be aware of. Full Policy Clarifications can be found on the Kentucky Partnership and Division of Childcare websites.

An example of a guest speaker may be an expert on a specific health or safety topic.

As specified by regulation, if an event or training is not being offered by a credentialed trainer, or is college coursework, it must be approved by DCC. There is an online process for requesting approval for an event or training offered by a non-credentialed trainer. This application can be found on the ECE-TRIS website. The application must be completed and submitted at least 30 days before the training. Effective July 1, 2012, an individual not holding a Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential may apply for a maximum of five (5) cabinet-approved training events per calendar year.