Training Coach Touchpoint S20

Training Coach Touchpoints are periodically placed within the online FET content.  These are opportunities to reach out to your Training Coach to build your relationship with them, and find out how your Training Coach can be a resource for you as a Trainer.  Training Coach Touchpoints can be completed via e-mail, phone, or in person.

To determine who your Training Coach is, look at the Regional Map in the course or online ( and identify the Training Coach based on the county where you reside.  If you are Out of State, then you would contact the Training Coach closest to you.

?‍Touchpoint Assignment: Check In

Now that you have a better understanding of the process for completing your Trainer’s Credential application and the qualifications for each Level, reach out to your Regional Training Coach to discuss your next steps in pursuing your credential!  Prior to reaching out to your Training Coach please review the Trainer’s Credential Grid on page 6 of your handout and determine what Level you would like to apply for.  You may contact your Training Coach via email, phone or an in person appointment.

Between now and the end of FET 3, discuss your goals for obtaining a Trainer’s Credential and what Level you are planning to apply for.  The levels are based on years experience in the field and educational background. If you are not exactly sure what level to apply for, your Training Coach will be able to provide some guidance. At the end of FET 3 you will be asked to provide a summary of your conversation with your Training Coach.

We encourage you to start gathering the required documentation for your application and share what you have ready with your Coach. This would include your current resume, unofficial transcripts from college, and verification of the required training on your ECE-TRIS record. If you have not worked on any of those items yet that is perfectly OK. It is just helpful for your Training Coach to know exactly where you are in the process so they can support you in your next steps.