Variable 1: Getting Together Weekly with Friends

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? How Connected are Students to their Peers?

Getting Together Weekly with Friends:  All youth with disabilities – 52%

  • Students with intellectual disabilities – 42%
  • Students with multiple disabilities – 35%
  • Students with autism – 29%

Getting Together Weekly with Friends

The percent of students who get together weekly with friends.

Source (NTLS2 data, Lipscomb et al., 2017)

A Statewide Project to address this disparity: the Kentucky Peer Support Network Project:  Two evidenced-based practices:

  • Peer networks
  • Peer support arrangements
What are the differences?Peer NetworksPeer Support Arrangements
When do they meet?During lunch, advisories, clubs, and other non-instructional timesDuring general education classes
How many peers?3-6 peers1-3 peers
Who facilitates?Any school staffParaprofessional, special educator, or classroom teacher
What is the focus?Social interaction and friendshipClassroom participation, learning, and social interactions
When do they meet?Weekly for about 30 minutesEvery class period for most or all of class

Project Website:

Peer Support Arrangements 

Peer Networks