Transitioning from Face to Face Trainer to Facilitator of Online Learning S19

When offering an online training, you are relying on the participants to take what you have placed in the course and learn from it.  If participants’ needs are not being met by what you have designed, you will need to facilitate their learning by adding or changing the content of the course.  This is why it is so important to gather feedback through some sort of process as participants work through and complete the course.

It is especially important in an online training to scaffold the instruction within the training.  In some online trainings, content is released periodically so participants can take the time to complete the assignments and process the information that is provided. If you are opening all parts of the training at the same time, will participants want to rush through and finish the training without gaining a deeper understanding of the materials presented?

Other aspects of online learning are the teaching, social, and cognitive presence.


On your ?Handout page 20, please answer the following questions:

  • What are your thoughts on online learning? Do you like online learning?
  • What are the benefits when offering online learning?
  • What are cautions to consider when offering online learning?