Training Coach Touchpoint S20

Training Coach Touchpoints are periodically placed within the online FET content.  These are opportunities to reach out to your Training Coach to build your relationship with them, and find out how your Training Coach can be a resource for you as a Trainer.  Training Coach Touchpoints must be completed in order to progress through FET and your Training Coach may request some follow up information.  Touchpoints can be done via e-mail, phone, or in person contact. Please respond to any follow up requests in order to progress through FET in a timely manner. 

?‍♀️Training Coach Touchpoint:

Review the three questions you came up with about being an effective trainer, and determine if they are still valid, or if you wish to revise or replace any of them now that you have completed Optimal Conditions for Adult Learning.

Discuss your updated list of three questions with your Training Coach and arrange a phone call or Skype/video call (if that technology is available to you) to discuss these questions in relation to your professional growth as an effective trainer.