Total Financial Outcome: Your Turn

Now it’s your chance to see how earned income may affect your own monthly income if you work and receive disability benefits. Use your own finances to fill out the worksheet in your handout. It’s ok to make up numbers or make an estimate for your expected earned income.

This worksheet is just to show you how the calculation works and does not serve as the final determination for your expected income.


Add Total Unearned Income

Add up your total Unearned Income, if any – include Social Security Benefits, pensions, State disability payments, unemployment benefits, interest income, and cash from friends and relatives.

Place this number in page 2, box 1 of the handout.

Visit for more information on unearned income.


New Job Earnings

Think about how much you hope to earn from your new job every month.

✍️ Place this number in page 2, box 4 of the handout.


Fill in Remaining Boxes

✍️ Fill in the remaining boxes. If lines 5, 11, 15, or 20 do not apply to you or if you are unsure what those amounts may be once you start working, you can leave them blank at this time.

❕ Be sure to review Student Earned Income Exclusion, Impairment-Related Work Expenses, Blind Work Expenses, and PASS deductions with your CWIC.

Now that you’ve completed the worksheet in your handout, let’s complete a brief Test your Knowledge to see what you’ve learned in Section 2. Click the quiz button below to get started.