Supplementary Videos

A supplementary video is an instructional video that you are using and linking the participant to watch.  If the video is a required component for the training session (must be watched to gain more knowledge on the topic), the time required to watch the video can be included when determining credit hours.  If the video is an “extra” (i.e. watch if you have time and are interested in learning more), then you would not include that time into the credit hours. 

The use of videos can be a wonderful way to break up content and to provide the participant with a different learning modality to help the participant to retain the information.  Since videos are visual it can also help some participants with a more concrete example of the content.   

Considerations for awarding clock hours: Credit hours would be determined based on how long the videos are and if they are required to be watched (versus “click here if interested in viewing some videos”). Some safeguards can be put into place such as the inability to move forward until media has completely played through.