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The Effective Trainers and Training section of FET will help you identify and begin to cultivate the skills you need BEYOND SPECIFIC CONTENT KNOWLEDGE to become an effective trainer.

Watch the video below from a TED Talk given by a high school chemistry teacher discussing how to spark learning in the classroom and focus on finding elements in this talk that relate to what you might do as a trainer to spark adult learning.

Complete the Sparking Learning ?Handout (page 3) as you watch the video and then take the Think Spot before proceeding.

Post three questions you have RIGHT NOW about becoming an effective trainer. Your Training Coach and other FET participants will be able to read and respond.

Note: You may want to write your specific questions down as you will be referring to those later in the Touch Point: Revisiting Your Three Questions.

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1. How do you find a way to connect to different kinds of audiences?
2. How can I use my personal experiences to help pass along the information I have?
3. Is there a format or lesson plan that we use when we make a presentation/training?

1. How can I spark the curiosity to inspire my audience to take back what they heard into their classrooms?
2. How can I get my audience to participate in the training?
3. Do you believe a hands on activity at the beginning and/or end of a training is a good idea?

julie (Group Leader) October 11, 2019 at 10:19 pm

My three questions are
1) What are participants most looking for in training, in order to effectively design and market trainings that people want to take?
2) How do my strengths and abilities match up with what is most needed?
3) What advice would an experienced trainer, looking back, give themselves when they were first getting started?

How do I keep participants interested?
How can I encourage participation?
What type of meet and greet type of activities have worked best in the past?

1. What will I do at the beginning of my training to ensure that the participants have a clear understanding of what the training is about.

2. How can I do to get my participants to discuss their opinion and views in the training.

3. Would a power points, video or handouts be a effective tool to use for my presentation.

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