Scenario: Meet Rosella

Middle aged african american woman sitting in front of a wall bookshelf looking off to the distance.

Rosella is a 42-year-old woman living in a Personal Care Home.  She is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, hypertension, and has a history of seizures.  She also has a history of being exploited by others.  Rosella is friendly, determined, and always willing to ask for help. 

Several years ago Rosella completed her GED.  She is able to cook with a microwave and is wanting to manage her diabetes better. She is not as skilled in meal planning, budgeting, and remembering to administer her medication.  She already had basic skills in technology and is able to use the internet and has basic computer skills.  

Rosella is involved in the community and loves to visit a local pet store where the staff let her play with the animals and help out, when possible.  The staff enjoys her coming to the store and the animals always get excited when she comes by.  Rosella really loves playing and working with animals.  Regular customers know Rosella.  

Team Member Roles

Illustration of a woman with blonde hair in a bun wearing a read jack and black glasses

Using a person-centered approach to support Rosella’s goals, decisions, and desires ensures that she is supported to live in the community as a valued friend and contributing citizen.  The more you know about a person, the better you are able to understand the person.

Rosella has set a goal to move into her own apartment and gain employment at a pet store.  Now that we know Rosella a little better, let’s think about how we can use person-centered planning to help her achieve this goal.

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