Recruit Medical Advisors on Your Team Copy

Invite medical professionals to serve on your board or on an advisory board to give you their perspective as you evaluate resources and consider dissemination strategies. They may also be able to help you give presentations or give you suggestions for hospitals and clinicians who may be interested in building relationships.  

Kim Baich from the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio, Dr. Stephanie Santoro, and Mark Leach

Dr. Brian Skotko has served on the board of the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress and has presented at Grand Rounds with local hospitals with MDSC. In addition, Dr. Stephanie Santoro provided referrals to the Down Syndrome Association of Columbus, Ohio from the Down Syndrome Clinic and offered presentations with the DSACO leadership at area medical conferences. Medical professionals can be valuable partners in providing insight and expertise to your organization and helping you open the doors to the broader medical community. 

MDSC and DSACO Examples