Present, Exhibit, or Attend Local, National, and Regional Medical Conferences Copy

Local, national, and regional medical conferences are also wonderful ways to reach clinicians in your area. Pay attention to conferences being held in your area for genetic counselors, maternal fetal medicine specialists, obstetricians (including regional ACOG conferences), hospital social workers, etc. You can apply to present as a speaker, attend the meeting to learn, or host an exhibit booth.  

Example: Several years ago, Kim Baich, the Medical Outreach Director from DSACO, and Stephanie Meredith, the Lettercase Medical Outreach Director, exhibited together when the National Society of Genetic Counselors held their annual education meeting in Columbus, OH. This was a wonderful opportunity to share resources and meet genetic counselors from the region and across the US.  

Two women at an exhibit booth.
Exhibit at the National Society of Genetic Counselors in Columbus, OH

Training Tools You Can Use: 

Lettercase Presentation for Exhibitors [Add link]